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Nuclear power

Should Finland build more nuclear power plants?

NaturaClub is an imaginary association dedicated to preserve the beauty of nature globally. This demo site is used solely for marketing purposes of Asocion.

September 2014

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Environmental News Network

Wine may be better for you if you exercise!(31.8.2014)
How did humans domesticate wild rabbits?(30.8.2014)
Puffins in New England (29.8.2014)
Reducing Water Scarcity(29.8.2014)
Abandoned landfills are a big problem(29.8.2014)
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Dengue reported in Japan(29.8.2014)

Latest News

New nuclear power plants

Finland is considering the construction of 0-3 new nuclear power plants in the next few years

Oil shipments, a threat to seas worldwide?

Recent oil catastrophes give us reason to think about their possible effects on seas

Global Nature Conference

The annual GNC conference will be held in Cologne, Germany, this year